Whether, you own a car, van, truck, motorcycle, suv or semi-truck. You can rely on Seatac Towing Company to handle any of your emergency auto lockout service needs.


24 Hour Auto Lockout Services Seatac WASeatac Towing Lock out Service


Locked your car keys inside the car?  Rely on our 24 hour emergency auto lockout services in Seatac or Seattle areas, we will provide you a speedy professional service that will get to your location, open your car *damage free* and get you back to your daily routine in no time. We guarantee our services because we use top of the line auto lockout tools; 

Auto Lockout Tool Set: is a collection of entry tools built for safely getting inside a locked vehicle without causing any damage to the windows or doors of the car. The tools are built to aid people who have manage to lock their keys inside their car or have otherwise managed to prevent themselves from gaining entry. A standard auto lockout tool set is meant to be used together to gain entry to the vehicle. 

Air or Plastic Wedge: is a pump connected to a high-tension bag. This is more brute force approach to opening a locked door, but it is effective. After vehicle door is air wedge, we use a special design rod to access the vehicle lock system and open your door without any damage or scratches.

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